By Wary’s Wisdom 


Surely you don’t expect to waltz into Baltimore.
And change things.
Or stroll into New Orleans, Chicago, or Ferguson.
And make a difference.
Waving wands.

C’mon, kids.
You don’t know the players.
Or the game.
Or the blocks.

Or the chains.

Surely you don’t think you’ll overcome anything.
Housing.  Jobs.  Justice.
‘Cause we’ve tried that, you know.
Back in the Sixties, Seventies.
When change was cool.
And we were too innocent and too stupid (or too high, I can’t remember which) to know change is impossible.
Because change is impossible, children.
Always was.  Always will be.
Ask Obama.  He knows.
He’ll be the first to tell you change aint nothing you come by.
Something you die by.

So please tell me, children, that you don’t expect to waltz into Baltimore and change things.
Or stroll into New Orleans, Chicago, and Ferguson and make a difference.
Surely you don’t suppose your optimism is enough.
Or that faith is real and really matters.
For nothing really matters anymore, right?
It is what it is, right?  Isn’t that what they say?

Excuse me?  What?

Children, please.
Surely, surely, you’re not convinced that all of your spreadsheets and journals and gumptions and presumptions are enough to manifest a clarion true enough to rouse, where we tred, the hiding, cowardly, obstinate, ne’er visible fiction you call change.
Surely you don’t believe that?  Right?

Surely we do.